The Characteristics Your Resume Should Portray

We all wonder exactly what employers are looking for when they review a resume. Which keywords catch their attention? What types of traits do they value most?

We interviewed several CIOs, VPs, and Directors of leading companies from various industries to see what type of characteristics they value most. Here’s what we found…

  1. It is important to remember to effectively describe how you have developed and used these characteristics rather than just list them under a skills section. Also, be sure your resume accurately reflects your personality and abilities.
  2. Be prepared to answer questions about items on your resume and provide examples during interviews. Have a list of times that you took on a leadership role for a team project or examples of how your willingness to learn helped you quickly master a new technology ready to discuss so that you aren’t caught off-guard.
  3. Notice that the majority of employers look for characteristics that don’t necessarily relate to job functions, and instead to how an individual will interact with team members and contribute to company culture. Be sure to focus on how you can supply the company with fresh ideas, positive energy, and technical talent.

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