The Benefits of Working with a Recruiter

Written by: Ashley Proctor

Recruiter comes from the root word recruit, which means to enlist or attempt to acquire the services of a person. Do you feel skeptical about working with a recruiter? Afraid to put your job search in the hands of someone else? Take a look at these benefits and your opinion may change.

Pssssssst! We can share secrets with one another right? Well did you know most recruiters are hired to work on unpublished jobs. Companies will use a recruiting, staffing or headhunting firm to outsource help for filling positions within the company. Because recruiting companies work so fast, most companies don’t waste money posting to job boards since they are paying the firm.

When an individual is applying for jobs on their own through a company’s talent portal they are basically sending their resume and cover letter into a black hole. The talent portals use a system to filter resumes for certain keywords. If those keywords are not present in the resume then the candidate will not be considered for the position. Recruiters screen resumes but also understand that not every resume is perfect so they put more emphasis on calling and speaking with the individual directly to figure out their skills and experience.

Who wouldn’t appreciate insider information? That’s exactly what recruiters provide. It is the recruiter’s job to prepare candidates for their interview by letting them know what questions may be asked, what leadership they will be meeting as well as giving advice.

Have you ever felt nervous after leaving an interview? Was your stomach in knots, palms sweating uncontrollably? Curious to know if you excelled or fell short? Unsure if the interview went good, if they liked you, or most importantly if they will extend a job offer. No need to worry, another great benefit of working with a recruiter is the immediate feedback you receive. One task of a recruiter is relationship management. After a candidate has an interview, the recruiter speaks to the client to get their feedback and passes it along so the candidate can understand their strengths and weaknesses during the interview. The beauty in this is that if a job offer is not given, at least the individual can understand and have reasons why instead of receiving an impersonal email.

As a candidate, after feedback is received relief can be found in knowing there are not many candidates in the running for the position. A smaller pool of applicants means a better chance at getting the job.

Who doesn’t love a good support system? Your recruiter is your number one fan. They want to see their candidates succeed. Besides a win for you is a win for them because their job is to find good people and get them hired.

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