Jason Van Dusen Appointed New Director of Staffing at integrITalent, Inc.

FRISCO, Texas, Dec. 21, 2016

FRISCO, TexasDec. 23, 2016PRLog — Jason Van Dusen was hired as the Director of Staffing in October of 2016. His responsibilities include: helping to instill best practices to meet with the company’s goals and growth, working with clients to ensure they receive the most customized solutions, and expanding integrITalent’s business service offerings into new markets.
When asked about goals he would like to accomplish, Van Dusen said, “My short-term goal is to ensure we continue growing our incredibly talented, passionate, and aligned team.  My long-term goal is to cultivate our brand, which provides a high touch, first in class experience to our clientele while expanding our business service offerings.  It is crucial we continue the servant leadership mentality of which the company was founded on.”

Van Dusen is grateful for his new position, he said, “I am incredibly excited and appreciative for this unique opportunity that I have as the Director of Staffing at integrITalent. Until I met Mike Chapman, President and Founder, I really had no idea there was anyone doing things the way that he does within our industry.  It is easy for a company to say they focus on putting people first, and another to live your life that way and expect nothing in return.  This is the culture and methodology that Mike has fostered because he lives it every day.”

Mr. Van Dusen received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Texas, which he attended on an athletic scholarship to play golf.

He began his career in the recruiting industry in 2001 with a national staffing firm. Since then, he has worked in different boutique firms and large organizations. Before coming to integrITalent, he was the Managing Director of the DFW market for Fahrenheit IT. His experience in the world of collegiate athletics directly relates to his ambitious and competitive attitude, contributing to his success in information technology recruiting.

Mr. Van Dusen is married and has a son, his family currently resides in Frisco, TX. He is a huge Texas Longhorns fan. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and practicing his golf swing.

Since the company’s inception in December of 2010, the employee base of the organization has tripled in size with revenues growing over fifty percent each year. The company’s client list includes organizations in healthcare, utilities, media, oil & gas and financial services. Currently the company supports major markets such as: Dallas, Houston, St. Louis and Denver. integrITalent, Inc. plans to build additional relationships in new markets across the US in 2017.

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