Interview Coming Up? Be Prepared for these 7 Questions.

Written by: Ashley Proctor

As an IT recruiting firm, we understand that interview questions for IT professionals are very different than the standardized questions you may find during your preparation. Because we understand the need for IT interview prep help, we compiled a list of common technical questions that should help prepare you for an in-person or phone interview.

  1. Textbook Questions
    • Before your interview, take some time to review some of your old textbooks. Do not expect all the questions to be about what technologies you work with every day. They might ask you questions you haven’t heard since college.
  2. What did YOU do? Provide examples of your work and how it contributed to the overall group.
    • Be prepared to talk specifically about your project, then explain how your piece contributed to the entire puzzle. Do not focus your answer on what your team did because that doesn’t specifically show the work you did or the skills and technologies you used.
  3. What interest you?
    • What are your favorite technologies to work with or what technologies are you interested in learning or working with in the future?
  4. What are you doing on your own time to keep up with technology?
    • Being prepared for this question will show the interviewer if you are you putting in effort outside of office time to enhance your skills.
  5. 3 future goals.
    • What are you doing right now that is contributing to where you want to be tomorrow or 5 years from now? This question helps the interviewer grasp what direction you see your career going in the future.
  6. What are your professional strengths and areas for improvement?
    • This is not a trick question. When discussing your areas for improvement, be sure to articulate what you are having difficulties with, why you are having those difficulties and what you are doing to work through them.
  1. Salary
    • During your interview, be prepared to discuss your current compensation and what you expect to make in your new role. If you are requesting more money than you currently make, you should be able to justify your compensation and articulate why you feel you deserve that salary.

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