How to Impress Your Boss on Your First Day

Want to make a great first impression on your first day of work? Then you must put yourself in your new manager’s shoes.

The perspective you have as a new employee can be very different than that of your manager’s. While on the first day you want to impress your new boss, you also want to distinguish yourself as a new hire who will be a valuable asset to the company. Not only will this help you establish a good first impression (and also job security), but also you’ll get your career with this new company started on the right track.

Here are some things you may want to think about as you prepare for your first day at your new job:

The way you carry yourself, your attitude, and the way you communicate with others will illustrate your level of professionalism to your boss. You should be prepared to hold yourself to the level of excellence your boss expects from you and should also possess a sincere attitude. Your new boss is instilling trust in you, so strengthen that trust by being genuine and professional.

There are going to be plenty of ups and downs during your first few weeks on the job. On the first day, you want your boss to understand you are a responsible person. Your boss is going expect you to hold yourself accountable for learning your new job and meeting deadlines. Regardless of the ups and downs you experience, make sure you hold yourself accountable for your actions. There isn’t going to be time for you to place blame on outside factors that prevented you from completing a task or project.

Your employer hired you because you have new ideas to bring to the table. Your boss and coworkers are going to expect you to have fresh ideas and contribute your input to the rest of your team. Even if your ideas seem a little crazy, your boss will appreciate your effort to contribute to the company’s success.

Enthusiasm to learn.
Enthusiasm on the first day is a great way to start your new job. Your boss is going to want to see you are excited to work and passionate about what you do. Display your enthusiasm by asking thoughtful questions and taking notes. Your boss will see your desire to learn more about your position as a sign you are genuinely interested in the job. You should also be open to opportunities your boss presents you with and run with them, too.

Ask for help (but make sure you truly need it first).
Managers expect their new employees to need help, but they also expect them to be resourceful. On your first day, you’re going to have numerous questions and need some crash courses about your new position. Your new coworkers are there to assist you, so as long as you tried to use your resources first, there is nothing wrong with asking for help along the way.

Be prepared to bring results.
Remember, you want to show your new boss you are ready to bring the results you promised in your interview. This is your opportunity to scope out your new job and look for solutions to any problems. Your manager is going to expect you to accomplish goals and drive results for your department. To do this, you’ll need to have an attitude that’s willing to work hard to achieve desired results.

Your first day is your chance to show what you have to offer as a professional and how you will continue to add value to your company’s goals. If you implement these different ideas, you’re bound to make an excellent first impression on your new boss and coworkers.

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