integritalent Approach

Ethical And Professional

At integrITalent we value your business by practicing ethical and professional recruiting. Our success is based on having a deep understanding of today’s agile workforce, which is based on interactions between diverse individuals and teams. We are in business to align IT talent with careers that are both inspiring and rewarding. We start by understanding our clients’ workforce ecosystem, to accurately predict, harness, and introduce the highest quality candidates.

Simply put, we bring people together to form both employee-centric and client-centric relationships that manifest into long term careers that count.

Changing Expectations

Humanizing in Our Approach

integrITalent was launched as a provider of custom recruiting solutions for IT leaders who face tremendous pressure to find and retain top IT talent. Our clients prefer to work with quality service providers rather than traditional IT staffing companies. The name integrITalent which includes “Integrity” points to a major opportunity to rethink, and radically improve ethical business practices in IT recruiting.

People are at the heart of our organizations, but traditional IT staffing practices are often based on demotivating and dehumanizing processes that can make IT talent feel expendable. The time has come for a fresh approach to IT recruiting! At integrITalent we are challenging virtually every standard practice in our industry treating both the client and the candidate with the highest level of integrity.


3:1 intro to offer ratio

The staffing industry has historically modeled its hiring practices to meet high volume demand. Top IT talent needs to be identified, targeted and hunted with a spear gun rather than casting a net over every candidate in the market place without disqualifying anyone. By modeling the “integrITalent approach” around fully understanding our clients evolving talent needs, organizational culture, and broader business goals, our company thoughtfully designed a targeted recruiting approach that differentiates us from staffing firms.

For our direct hire searches, utilizing the “integrITalent approach” we guarantee our clients will only need to interview three of our candidates before extending an offer to at least one of them. This is our 3:1 intro to offer ratio.


Always Exceeding Expectations

Our President, Michael Chapman, has committed most of his career to Information Technology recruiting. He has experience leading teams in corporate, staffing and professional services environments. Throughout his career, he has witnessed other IT staffing firms that yielded volumes of candidates, but the quality was always lacking. Michael's experience in hiring permanent employees, coupled with his training in behavioral interviewing techniques, allowed him to create a quality-based recruiting process that produces candidates who exceed client expectations.

Our recruiting process includes a qualifying interview, a disqualifying interview, and a candidate prescreen form. We pride ourselves on this approach and know our competition can’t do it and frankly, won’t do it. They are too busy focused on quantity of resumes submitted and miss the craft of interviewing to find the best candidates.

"Our tenacious commitment for digging in the marketplace to find the best possible candidates, coupled with our qualitative interviewing process, will yield results that beat our competition every time. When you hire IntegrITalent you get an unyielding company that offers superior knowledge, service and commitment to its customers. We work for you!

"We don’t have a “pit” of requisitions from 80% of the companies in your market. We have a handful of clients that seek partnerships, who get our fulltime energy as if we were your internal recruiting team. Let us share your brand and career opportunities with the market and bring you resourceful candidates who will become long-term employees."

- Michael Chapman