7 Deadly Interview Sins

Written by: Ashley Proctor

Want to have a successful interview? Avoid these deadly mistakes.

  1. Lust: to have an intense desire or need

I’m sure at one point in time or another, we have all disliked our job. Because we disliked our job, we were itching for something new, but how far were you willing to go to leave? Do not have such an intense desire to leave that you are willing to lie on your resume or in the interview. Don’t be dishonest or misleading.

  1. Gluttony: excessive ongoing consumption

Too much of any one thing can be a bad thing. One major no no during an interview is talking TOO much. Long winded explanations and talking in circles might get your interview cut short. When answering a question focus on a complete thought that is short and has a beginning, middle, and end. Be concise and thoughtful.

  1. Greed: an excessive pursuit of material possessions

Obviously, salary is important. I mean the reason why we go to work every day is to get paid. However, making salary demands and focusing a lot on compensation does not look good to a potential employer. It is important to show a company that your priority is finding a position that will utilize your skills to their full potential, provide you with growth and a stability, allow you to be a key member of the team.

  1. Laziness: excessive laziness or the failure to act and utilize one’s talents

Your resume is your first introduction to a company. It is a way for an employer to get to know what a candidate has to offer before meeting them.  With that being said, making a great first impression is important because it can lead to an interview. Misspellings, grammatical errors and multiple fonts in your resume show the hiring manager your attention to detail is poor and your work ethic is low, among the many other things they could be thinking.

  1. Wrath: strong vengeful anger

No company wants to hire a Negative Nancy. Although, you may have had an unpleasant experience with one of your previous employers, try not to voice so many negative opinions about the company. Negative comments about past employers is a turnoff. An individual that can present problems, as well as solutions, is an ideal characteristic of any candidate.

  1. Envy: the desire to have an item or experience that someone else possesses

Are you angry because in your previous role management didn’t promote you? Try leaving that comment out of the conversation. This is not the right time to share that you’re leaving because you couldn’t move up into the position you wanted. Striving to excel in your career is normal but, depending on the way you present the information, leaving a job because you wanted a position someone else had doesn’t look good. Basically, leave it out of the conversation.

  1. Pride: excessive view of one’s self without regard to others

Ego or arrogance can be portrayed during your interview so be sure to keep a humble attitude. Be expressive and show your personality. Credentials don’t get you every job but personality can take you far.

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