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5 Job Search Tips Going Out of Style in 2017

Written by: Ashley Proctor Now-a-days there are a ton of platforms providing advice. From blogs, advice columns, Tweets, email subscriptions etc. During your job search, you are going to receive a lot of advice. There is an old saying that goes, “all advice is not good advice.” This still stands true in 2017. Be aware…

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I’m Falling Out of Love With My Job

Written by: Jason Van Dusen Think back to the day that you received your job offer.  What were you excited about?  What were the things that you wanted to accomplish?  What were your motivators for taking the job?  If you are feeling like things are lackluster right now or even worse, you can’t stand the…

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Diversity in the Workplace

Written by: Ashley Proctor Information Technology, a diverse profession that keeps on growing! January 16th is the day we celebrate one of the most influential civil rights leaders and activist of all time, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King, is responsible for the Montgomery Bus Boycott and leading over 200,000 people to the Lincoln…

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